About Me

Elena Skyhawk is of Native American descent. Stolen and sold as an infant, she grew up disconnected from her Native heritage. At an early age she realized she could hear animals when they talked. She also realized that she could hear the trees talking as well. This didn't sit well with her adopted family and she was called many names and told to shut it down, whatever “it” was.

Elena turned her interests toward crafts, music, sewing and rug making, all the while secretly still talking to the animals and trees. She also realized she had healing abilities and the neighborhood children would come to her when they hurt themselves.

It wasn't until her late twenties when she met a Kahuna (Hawaiian shaman) that she realized what all the “weird” things were that she could do. Under this Kahuna she learned about her connection to Mother Earth and that we are all related. Several years later she met her mentor, Serge “Runningwolf” Martel, a shaman of Mohawk/Hawaiian heritage. Under his tutelage she learned even more about who she was and what gifts flowed through her ancestry. She trained to become a Shaman's Touch Master Teacher and became a minister in Golden Eagle Ministries, Int.

Elena is currently a Doctoral candidate at the University of Sedona, in Sedona Arizona.

Working with the stones and bones of the animal kingdom and Mother Earth, Elena taps into the energy of the person the jewelry, spirit bag, smudge fan or other item is for and then crafts them into unique items. Each piece is blessed as it is being made and then smudged to make sure it is clear of any harmful energies.